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How to tell if earbuds are too big?
How to tell if earbuds are too big?

Let’s start with the basics.

So, what is the right fit?

When you insert the earbuds/ eartips into your ear canal, the pressure should be right and the fit should be fine

If the earbuds are a bit small, they go deep into the ear canal, and there comes the problem.

It pushes the ear wax into the ear canal.

What most people don’t know is that ear wax shouldn’t be removed with those cotton earbuds. Our body has a way to eliminate it.

But if the earbuds are small, as said earlier, they go right into the ear and push the earwax inside the canal. The earwax that is supposed to be eliminated gets contained in the ear canal. 

This will cause ear infection and gives you less sound quality. So, small earbuds should be avoided.

How about big earbuds?

Those are again the problem and this is what we are set to discuss in this article. The bigger the earbuds harder for them to go inside the ear canal. Similarly, the smaller the ear canal, earbuds find it hard to go in it.

There are two main things with which you can understand that the earbuds are bigger to your ear canal.

Visual inspection

Our body always has a clue about itself. The gut feeling. It is real, in my opinion. You can mostly tell if the earbuds are bigger or smaller to your ears just by looking at them. It is far from the ideal way of measuring it but gives a rough idea that the earbuds are bigger in size.

It doesn’t go into the ear canal

Yes, the bigger the earbuds and the smaller the ear canal, it is hard to push it inside. In addition to that, the seal bigger earbuds make with the ear canal is not strong as the earbuds aren’t designed to use this way. The silicon ear tip will bend and fold so that a gap will be created.

This will take a toll on bass performance and also lets the noise into the ear canal.

We have seen how TWS are uncomfortable and that still contributes to this article. Uncomfortable earbuds plus bigger ear tips will only give you an awful experience.

Effortless inserting

If the earbuds are bigger, inserting them into the ear is very tough. At times, you cannot even insert it inside the ear canal. On the other hand, the loose-fitting earbuds will fall off from the ear as the seal is not made right.

However, the correct-sized earbuds will get inside even with a gentle push and it creates a perfect seal between the ear tips and the ear canal.

The ear pain

Even if you managed to insert a bigger earbud into your auditory canal, you can still have discomfort using them. The clear-cut feedback you get from such a fit will be ear pain. The tightly fit silicon plug will create pain in the canal and also, the audio you hear will not be optimal. You will feel like removing the earbuds from your ears after some time.

Automatic detection.

There is another way to understand that the earbuds are not the right fit. It is a feature available with earphones that costs a lot. 

Likes of apple earbuds pro have built-in software inside the earbuds to check if the seal is right and therefore it can give you a hint if the earbuds are smaller or larger. You need to cycle between the silicon ear tips provided and the software will make sure you choose the rightly sized earbuds.


We have seen How to tell if earbuds are too big? And also its disadvantages. I repeat, it is important to have the right seal between the earbuds and the ear canal. It gives you unmatched comfort and the best sound quality to offer. So, identify if your earbuds are too big and if it is, please swap them out for small-sized ear tips. This will ensure that you will get a good performance out of your earbuds or neckbands.

Thanks for reading.

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Why do earbuds have a suction feeling? Wed, 30 Nov 2022 15:15:02 +0000 Many people these days use earphones to listen to music. And most earphones give a suction feeling to the ears. Why do earbuds have a suction feeling? We will discuss it today.

Ear pieces of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC
Why do earbuds have a suction feeling?

Earphones have evolved a lot and earphones no longer look and sound like what was available 10 years ago. There were no in-ears famous in the market. Just a normal pair of earphones. They don’t suck your eardrums while wearing them. Neither did they suppress the noise.

So, Why do earbuds have a suction feeling?

It is because there is a pressure difference between the in-ear and atmosphere. You see, in order to keep the noise away, there must be a tight seal between the ear tips and the in-ear canal. And to suppress further noise, most of the earbuds have no opening hole between the in and outside of the earbuds. Most of these earbuds and neckbands are not only uncomfortable but also has this suction issue.

And it is with this kind of earphones, this phenomenon occurs. When you press the earbuds inside the ear canal, it acts like a syringe. It pushes the air into the canal. Since the seal on the ear tips is tight with the canal, it compresses the air inside the canal. This makes the compressed air inside the canal comes out breaking the seal between the ear tips and the canal. Hence the excess pressure evens out. 

Now when you leave the earphone as it is and take your hands off it, the muscles of the ear make the earbuds push outside. However, the ear tips are designed in a way that air cannot go inside the canal to even out the pressure. The low-pressure zone occurs inside the ear canal. And this causes the suction feeling inside the ears.

Hence some of the earphones have a hole connecting the ear canal to the outside. Although it serves to equalize pressure outside and inside the ear canal, it does allow some of the noise to creep in. Hence, a noise-cancellation earphone with a hole is ideal.


There is a disadvantage in using earbuds that induces a suction feeling inside your ears. That’s high volume and pressure.

With the suction on, the ear drum is already in a tense state. More volume or using a bigger driver only makes it worse. It sometimes increases the pressure during high-volume listening and it does have the potential to spoil your hearing ability.

Although you perceive there is an improvement in detail perception, it actually has a negative effect. You see, the eardrum is always in a neutral position and it vibrates based on the sound energy that hits it. Now with added pressure, it only makes some vibrations perceive differently and that makes the audio adulterated.

You can use the earbuds inserted slightly inside the ear canal. It will keep your eardrums safe by compromising on bass impact, sound quality, and noise isolation. But, it is the suggested way to go for such earbuds.

You can also do away with in-ear earphones at all and switch to on the head or over the head headphones. This not only saves your auditory system, but it also gives more impact to the songs.

Even better is using a loudspeaker to listen to music. But that is a different thing to deal with.


Now that you know why earbuds have a suction feeling, you also know how to negate it by purchasing noise-cancellation earbuds with holes or using the existing earbuds wisely as said in the above paragraph. We should be wise about what we use and how we use it. 

After all, technologies and innovations are to make our lives better and not worse. Don’t they?

Thanks for reading.

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4 reasons why TWS is uncomfortable Wed, 30 Nov 2022 06:01:35 +0000 TWS earphones are a lifesaver for many. It is compact and portable. You can take it anywhere you want. However, there are times when Tws is uncomfortable. Through this post, we will see why a TWS is uncomfortable.

Earbuds without ear tips.

This issue not only affects the TWS but almost all earphones without ear tips. Even wired earbuds are not an exception. But why did I bring this issue here? There is a reason

This is the time companies are releasing a ton of TWS earphones without ear tips. 

I don’t know why they release them. There are reasons why earphones without ear tips are terrible 

  • First of all, it doesn’t fit into a lot of ears
  • It doesn’t seal the ear leading to noisy playback
  • It falls off easily and is never a secure fit for many.
  • The size of the orifice is fixed and you cannot adjust it based on your ear’s size.

I am at the wit’s end that is why manufacturers are even manufacturing these. So this is my first reason why TWS earbuds without ear tips are uncomfortable. 

I will stay clear of such earphones. I recommend you consider buying earphones with ear tips. 

Earbuds that are weighty

This is quite easy to understand. More weight more uncomfortable. Some earphones are a bit bulky because of the size of the battery associated with them. They employ larger batteries because you will get better battery life. In turn, it will also make the ear uncomfortable for longer listening periods.

The force on the ear canal due to its weight is tangential and it twists the earbuds. It is a bit more uncomfortable than using wired earbuds wiring it over the ears. 

However, listening for a short period of time is not an issue. For that matter, long listening through earbuds is best avoided as it can negatively hurt your hearing. This is also why tws is uncomfortable.

Cheap earbuds with terrible sound quality

This is a major headache today. The TWS is available for less than Rs.1000 or $10 these days. It was never the case before. Even with wired earphones, anything under the above-told money lacks quality. It is the same as why some neckbands are uncomfortable to wear.

Now, as manufacturers have to include chipsets, processors, batteries, mics, licensing costs and other features under $10, the primary function of sound quality will obviously take a hit. In fact, the sub $10 earbuds provide awful sound quality and it does make you uncomfortable.

Yes, unrefined, distorting, low-quality sound not only makes you uncomfortable but also causes headaches in a few cases.

Poor battery life

This directly doesn’t contribute to comfort, it has a small factor that makes it uncomfortable.

The battery life of most TWS earbuds is pretty low. And, during a long journey, thinking about the battery life gives you anxiety, and also you need to take it off from your ears and charge it. It is an extra hassle.


The conclusion on why tws is uncomfortable is user dependent. Personally, for me, the lack of earbuds made me very uncomfortable than anything else. Weight can be a factor for other people and so on. My sincere advise is that get an earbud with ear tips, be it wired or wireless.

Thanks for reading.

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why the neckband is uncomfortable? Wed, 23 Nov 2022 06:34:33 +0000 The neckband is uncomfortable for many and I agree with it. People still use it because of its convenience in attending calls and listening to songs. Let’s see why the neckband is uncomfortable to wear around your neck.

The picture of neckband earphones
Image by vinny1987 from Pixabay

Irritation on the neck.

This is one of the main problems on why the neckband is uncomfortable. The neckband has a band connecting two earbuds and the band rests on the neck. 

The thing is that the band is made of plastic or rubber. And it is an irritant. When you wear it, it doesn’t sit in one place. It moves around and creates unwanted sensations.

For some, it can even create burns on long usage.

Weight on neck

Not just that. The neckband has a small weight to it. It is because it houses the battery. The weight is small and feels insignificant initially. But after a period of long usage, you will realize the con.

The neckband starts to feel a little weighty. Along with the irritation on the neck, you will get a weighty feeling with the neckbands. Even the best neckbands have this issue. This is one of the reasons why the neckband is uncomfortable.

Falling off from the neck

During the activities like running, and jumping, the neckband also jumps around your neck and that will cause additional discomfort. Also, in workouts like standing upside down, and yoga which need the neck to touch the ground, the neckband tends to displace and go out of control. This makes the neckband uncomfortable. It is a serious issue. In this case, a TWS will be a good choice.

Cloth rubbing on the wire noise

This is yet another issue with the neckbands. The wires of the earphone rub against your clothes and that cause noise while using the earbuds. The rubbing noise is quite annoying. This happens the most when you are working out or running. If the earphones are connected by a short cable, then, I don’t think it is a problem.

Dangling earbuds

This is another issue with the neckbands especially when you don’t use them and leave them on the neck. You leave the earphone dangling either as it is or attached to the magnets available on the earbuds. This oscillation of the wire along with the earbuds causes a little bit of discomfort.


Heat is another issue why the neckband is uncomfortable. You see, if the body senses heat on any one part as opposed to the whole of the body, it feels uncomfortable and gains concentration on that part. Especially on the neck, heat is easily felt.

Now, does a neckband produce height? If you use it for a longer period of time some neckbands get heated. More importantly, right after charging the neckband, especially when fast charging is used, the neckband gets heated up. And when you immediately wear the neckband, you will certainly feel uncomfortable.


Above are the main reasons why we think neckbands are uncomfortable. Having said that, these issues can be easily lived with. But, it depends upon you. If you cannot withstand the cloth rubbing sound or the jumping of neckbands while working out, you should consider a TWS.

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Truke Buds F1 review Thu, 10 Nov 2022 13:15:52 +0000 Truke is the latest entrant to the wireless earphone market. They came with a bang with this Truke Buds F1. It looks great and has good ratings elsewhere. Does it live up to the expectations? Let us see Truke Buds F1 review.

Truke Buds F1 review
Truke Buds F1 review

Truke Buds F1

4.1 out of 5

The earphones are great for mid-centric music and podcasts/audiobooks. The bass is less. but for the price, it is fine if you have no other options. Please keep reading for a detailed review and more pictures.

Sound Quality
3.5 out of 5
Build quality
4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Battery life
4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5


Good midrange

good looks<br>good build

Bluetooth v 5.3

battery life

good price


No IPX ratings given

Less bass

harsh treble in some songs


Truke in blue looks striking. They are small and chunky. Overall, it looks great.

Truke Buds F1 review front view
Truke Buds F1 front view

The front view is nice. It looks indeed chunky. Look at how nicely it fits in my palm. On the front there is a truke logo. There is a small indentation to open the lid.

Truke Buds F1 review LED display
Truke Buds F1 LED display

There is an LED display that works when you open the lid. It shows how much charge is left in the case. It is so cool and the LED light is blue in color. It merges well with the outside color of the case.

Truke Buds F1 side view
Truke Buds F1 sides

The side of Truke F1 looks plain too. The nicely rounded body gives many positive vibes to the case. The case is the same with either side of the case.

Truke Buds F1 review underside
Truke Buds F1 underside

There is a USB-type C port on the bottom of the case. It is nicely fitted and looks premium.

Earbuds of Truke Buds F1
Truke Buds F1 earbuds

The earbuds are again very compact. It looks great on paper and in person. The ear tip comes in matching colors. The brand name ‘Truke’ is written on the earpiece. Under the earpiece there exist two charging pins. You can change the ear tips all by yourselves.

single earbud of Truke Buds F1.
Truke Buds F1 a earbud

Look at the earbud. How cool does it look? The quality is great too. it is light weight so that you can wear it comfortably.

Build quality

The build quality is good. The case is made up of nice materials and it feels great to hold. The lid has a slight wobble but that’s expected in this price range. The lid feels solid though. I have no complaints about the build quality.


Pairing is easy. For the first time pairing, open the lid and you could see ‘Truke F1’ on your devices. Just tap on that and you will be instantly paired. After this pairing session, whenever you want to pair again, just open the lid and the earphones will be paired with the last connected device.

Sound quality

Overall sound quality is great for the price. It has enough air on the top to show the spaciousness

The soundstage is wide. The extends beyond the ears. It is truly great in this price range.

The dynamics are decent except in the bass range. The scale is small.

There is less impact on songs with big drums. A big orchestra doesn’t sound big. But that’s expected in this price range. Also, it uses a 6 mm driver and it has its own limitations. It has decent textures on the mids. Hence it is good for audio-only usage like podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

In comparison, pTron B21 TWS sounded better. with its 10 mm driver. But for passive noise cancellation, I prefer Truke F1. Compared to boAt airdopes 161 TWS, Truke F1 is bass shy but excels on the mid-range.


There is nothing below 30 Hz and not even at 40 Hz there is usable bass. Anything usable starts only after 45Hz. The bass is not pronounced. So is the midbass kick. The midbass sounds good but there is no punchy feeling. The bass is not really good and if you’re a basshead, please skip it.


The mids are decent. The place where vocals dominate sounds good. So is the place where acoustic instruments dominate. The mid shows good texture too. As said earlier, with podcasts and audiobooks, you have no problem. It just works in the mids.


The highs are good too. The extreme highs are felt rolled off but there is necessary zest in the highs. The presence is there. Sounds sound crisp and clean. There is air on the upper region which gives enough space and atmosphere. It doesn’t blow other expensive earphones out of water. No. But it has enough for the price range. 

Listening impressions 

Black widow by Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora

This is a good song to test bass and mids. There is a deep bass in the part where they sing, “black widow babe” and the bass continues to the rap part. The deep bass isn’t felt at all. But the voice of both women sounded good. The synth sounded good too but there are some mushy things going on with the synth part.

Pulaarada from the movie dear comrade

It is a beautiful Tamil song to judge many things that the earphone does. There is a drum beat in the background and it sounds authoritative. Not much in this earphone. The vocals sounded great for the price but there is still some oomph missing. The female vocals sounded good though. The sound is spacious. 

Nothing else matters by Metallica

The guitar at the beginning of the song sounded nice. I wish it has more body to it. The drum doesn’t sound punchy. The midrange is busy with vocals and snare. It struggled a bit to do instrument separation. It sounded a bit harsh, to be honest.

Call quality

The call quality is decent. It uses HD mics and ENC. This earphone suppresses the background noise so that the listener on the other end can hear more clear audio than the buds without ENC. But, the call quality of this earphone will not be a match to neckbands. If you’re into calls, please choose the neckband instead.


  • It has touch controls. You can play, pause, go back to the previous track, skip to the next track, and trigger voice assistants just by using the touch controls on the back of each earbud.
  • It has a latency of just 55 ms. You can play games or videos on it. But if you’re a pro gamer, look elsewhere, preferably a neck band.
  • It has dual mic with ANC
  • Truke F1 has a hidden blue led display
  • It uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0.
  • The earbuds have instant pairing.
  • It supports AAC codecs for good sound quality

Battery life

Battery life is good in these earbuds. This Truke buds F1 has 300mAh Charging Case. Hence, the case and earbuds combined can give you up to 48 hours of playback time under test conditions.

Each earbud of this earphone can give up to 10 hours of playback under test conditions. Truke buds F1 also supports Fast charging. A 10-minute fast charging can give you as much as 100 minutes of playback at test conditions.


Earphone TypeTWS earbuds
Driver size6 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.3
Bluetooth Range10m
Playing Time48 hours
Water resistanceNone stated
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Truke Buds F1 specifications

Pros and cons

  • Good midrange
  • good build
  • looks nice
  • Bluetooth v 5.3
  • battery life
  • good price
  • No IPX ratings given
  • Less bass
  • harsh treble in some songs


If you’re going to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and mid-rich content, you will not go wrong with this earphone. If you’re a bass head, this Truke F1 is not the earphone for you. even for music, if you can spend more, go with other options. Or if you want an overall performer, go with pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS. But for the price and mids-performance, I can recommend it for acoustic music.

You can check the price and buy Truke Buds F1 by clicking the button below

Check the price on amazon

Thanks for reading

3.5/5 - (2 votes)
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pTron Bassbuds Xtreme review Wed, 02 Nov 2022 14:00:33 +0000 pTron Bassbuds Xtreme is yet another budget TWS earphone from pTron. It looks cool and sophisticated. and that is the first thing you will notice about these earphones. In this pTron Bassbuds review, we will go detailed about this TWS earphone and let you know its pros and cons. Please read on.

pTron Bassbuds Xtreme review
pTron Bassbuds Xtreme

pTron Bassbuds Xtreme

4.1 out of 5

In a nutshell, it is a nice earphone only if you get the fit right. It didn’t fit my ears. Still, the mids and highs sounded good. The bass however was affected by the fit and also the noise could creep in. There is more to this earphone in the review. Read on for a detailed review and loads of images.

Build quality
4.5 out of 5
Sound quality
3.5 out of 5
3.8 out of 5
Battery life
4 out of 5
4.5 out of 5



Build quality

Wide soundstage

Great imaging

HD calls

Dual mics

Bluetooth V 5.3


Noise creeps in

Bad fit for some people


pTron Bassbuds Xtreme review


It is one of the complex looking earphone gear I have come across. It looks cool too. But more on the industrial side of things. The boAt airdopes 190 TWS is also retailing at a similar price. It has different look too.

front view of pTron Bassbuds Xtreme
pTron Bassbuds Xtreme front view

Look at the above picture. Doesn’t it look awesome?

The gunmetal color is striking and the industrial look adds to its premiums. The unit looks almost square in size with rounded corners.

Side view of pTron Bassbuds Xtreme
pTron Bassbuds Xtreme side view

The side view shows how nicely it is built on the sides. Very intricate and industrial looking. Otherwise the sides are plain without buttons or port.

top view of pTron Bassbuds Xtreme
pTron Bassbuds Xtreme top view

On the top, there exist the lid and the lid is hollow so that the earbuds can be seen. Yet, it secures the earbuds well with the case.

rear of pTron Bassbuds Xtreme
pTron Bassbuds Xtreme rear

The back side too looks modern and well-made. Additionally, there exists a nice USB type C port that can be used to charge this case. It is optimally placed and I have no complaints.

backside of pTron Bassbuds Xtreme
pTron Bassbuds Xtreme backside

As said earlier, the pTron Bassbuds Xtreme looks modern and the design language continues to the back side of the case. It is clean and the writings are subtle. It looks very pleasant and rich.

Lid of pTron Bassbuds Xtreme
pTron Bassbuds Xtreme lid

The lid opens from the top. It makes an exact right angle with the case. Also, the lid is magnetically held to keep the earbuds in place. It is easy to open and close.

earbuds of pTron Bassbuds Xtreme
pTron Bassbuds Xtreme earbuds

The earbuds exhibit a classy design language. It is simple and Airpods-like. It is black in color with chrome at the ends. It doesn’t come with silicon or rubber ear tips. All you get is the earbuds with the tapered end that goes into your ears.


According to me, the main drawback of this pTron Bassbuds Xtreme is its fit with my ears. It is simply not optimal. The ear tips barely fit into my ears. Forget about making a seal to cut down noise. No, it is not. Even if I could force insert into my ears, I feel insecure that it might fall down any moment. I had less confidence using these earbuds. Your mileage might vary.

Build quality

The whole earphone and earphone case is made of plastic. The gunmetal-coloured industrial-looking case is made of plastics. But good quality plastics. The only weak link is the lid but that too has been built great for the price. The earbuds are solid as well and are made of glossy plastics. I have no complaints about the build quality despite the price.

The earphone weighs only 3.4gms despite its decent build quality. It is light on ears too. It has better build than boAt Airdopes 190 tws


The pairing is actually simple. Open the lid and take out the earbuds and you can see the ‘ptron TWS’ appears on the Bluetooth devices. Click pair to pair the devices. This has to be done for the first time alone. After that you just need to open the lid and take out the earbuds and the earbuds will pair automatically with the phone.

Sound quality

The first thing I noticed about the sound quality is the noise levels. The earbuds don’t have silica ear tips or rubber ear tips to seal the earbuds with the ear canal. It is just like apple AirPods. 

This also means that bass will not be impactful.

Otherwise, the sound quality is nice. The sound stage is wide and not narrow like other earphones in this budget. Maybe the lack of an ear seal helps here.

The dynamics are okay. It is good for the price. Maybe the 13-mm drivers are doing their duties.

Since its competitor boAt airdopes 190 TWS has a good seal on your ears, I tend to prefer that for less noise performance.


The bass is good but not as much as it is claimed. Despite the 13-inch driver, it is less. It is partly due to the fact that the earbuds don’t fit sealed on the ear canal. No matter how much bass the earphone produces, it will not reach the ears. To get good bass, you must consistently push the earbuds into the ear canal. 

The midbass is also not much inspiring. The earphone doesn’t go as low as 20 Hz or even 30 Hz. The decent bass starts only after 40 Hz.


The mids are kind of dry. They have good clarity, on the other hand. The vocals have decent air to give a smooth feel. 

It is also lean sounding. There isn’t much of the body to the tones. NO. You must push the earbuds into the ear canals to get as much body and bass as possible.


It is on the higher side. On prolonged usage with good volumes, it tends to bring ear fatigue. There are details and clarity on the top. It cannot be compared to earbuds that are twice pricier as this. It is not smooth. On certain songs, it is a bit harsh.

Listening impression

I am not the only one- sam smith

There is a constant kick drum across the song. It is clearly heard but the punch is missed. I expected much more body in Sam’s voice. The soundstage is wide enough. The hi-hat crispness is missing. Also, the kick drum doesn’t have its natural dynamics. The mids have good details.

Turn down for what by DJ snake

There is a deep bass in the song and it feels so good. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it with this earphone. Don’t get me wrong, the bass is still there but it feels like half of its body is missing.

The treble goes a bit harsh. The DJ sound in the middle of the song sounds nice and isolated. The vocals don’t sound bad either.

Sacrifice – Elton John.

This song shines with this earphone. The song is mostly acoustical and looks like this earphone prefers that. The reverbs are played back beautifully. The treble and lower trebles sound nice. The vocals of Elton John sound good but a bit recessed and a bit lean. Wish, the earphones produce more body. The lyrics can be clearly heard.

The Look of life – Diana Krall

Again the earphone shines. The song has acoustic bass and it is not represented well. But for listeners of Jazz, it can be okay with less distracting bass. The brush on the cymbals sound prominent. The imaging is nice too. The vocals sit on the center forward still in the head. It is very intimate and Diana’s voice sounded great. Wish the piano had more weight. Otherwise, I liked these earphones for this song.

Hence, the earphone sounds better with acoustic soft rock and blues kind of music. The mids sound nice although a bit thin. I honestly don’t recommend this earphone because of the bad seal with the ears.

Call quality

Call quality is decent. It is nothing to write home about. It is similar to other tws earphones in the same price range.

pTron Bassbuds Xtreme uses HD mics and that does its duty. Unfortunately, the ENC is missing and thus the earphone might not be clear to the other end as the earphones with ENC.

If it is for calls, you will be better off with neckbands.


  • It uses a Bluetooth v5.3 module. That not only increases streaming quality and efficiency but also the range.
  • pTron Bassbuds Xtreme has 13 mm drivers for better bass and dynamics
  • It has type c fast charging
  • It has touch controls so that you can play/pause tracks, skip/go previous tracks, attend/end or reject a call
  • You can even summon the voice assistants with the touch of a button.
  • It can be used as a mono or stereo buds.
  • It has IPX4 sweat and water protection. You can take it to gym with no issues.

These are the main features available with pTron Bassbuds Xtreme TWS

Battery life

The battery life is decent to good. The pTron Bassbuds Xtreme can give you as much as 32Hrs Playtime under test conditions. It is not bad at all for compact TWS earphones. It also supports fast charging.


Earphone TypeANC TWS earbuds
Driver size13 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.3
Bluetooth Range10m
Playing Time32 hours
Water resistanceIPX 4
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Specifications of pTron Bassbuds Xtreme

Pros and Cons

  • Design
  • Build quality
  • Wide soundstage
  • Great imaging
  • Just enough air
  • HD calls
  • Dual mics
  • Bluetooth V.5.3
  • Noise creeps in
  • bad fit for some people
  • No ENC


This pTron Bassbuds Xtreme is a good earphone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit my ears. From what I tested, it is nice except for bass and noise. If you’re a fan of apple’s earpod style, it is likely that it will fit you.

If you’re interested in buying, you can check the price and buy it by clicking the below button.

Check the price on amazon

Thanks for reading.

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pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS review Fri, 21 Oct 2022 12:36:25 +0000
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS review
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS is one of the finest earphones I have tested under Rs 1000. Let’s see how they perform in our tests. In this patron Bassbuds B21 TWS review, I will go into detail about various aspects of this particular earphone. Let’s go to the review.

In simple words, this pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS has a good sound quality for the price. The soundstage is decent and has necessary features that at this price range, it is impossible to not consider. Read on to know more.

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS

4.1 out of 5

The pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS is a sweet piece of gear that you get in this price range. It has decent sound quality and necessary features. The battery life is also decent and the build cannot be complained about. Overall, it is a nice Bluetooth TWS under Rs 1000. Read on to know more.

sound quality
4 out of 5
Build quality
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
battery life
3.8 out of 5
4.5 out of 5


Good sound quality especially on the mid range

Good price

decent build

IPX4 rating

Bluetooth 5.2


Although the mid-bass is decent, there isn't any deep bass

Battery life is just 24 hours

Bad fit on my ears

not good seal


Appearance – pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS review

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS top view
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS

This pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS is a decent looker. The body is chunkier and has good depth. I choose the all black model. There is a pTron logo on the top of the case. The whole case is hexagonal in shape and adds beauty to it.

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS front

On the front, there isn’t much going on. The design cues continue to the front. There is a cut so that you can grip it to open the lid.

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS side view
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS side view

On the sides there is nothing. The sides are plain. The case converges towards the side on both sides. There is nothing much to say here.

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS back side
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS back side

On the back, the design is similar to the front. But also has a hinge to hold the lid and most importantly, there is a USB type C port for charging. On the bottom, There are printed codes from the manufacturer.

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS lid open
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS lid open

Open the lid and take out the earbuds, the lights on the earbuds glow green and There is a light on the case that glows green. The light also indicates the battery life. It is quite beautiful to look at. But, in my opinion, the LEDs are way too bright. You can see, even the camera had hard time capturing the dynamic range of the above scene.

picture of pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS earbuds
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS earbuds

Take out the earbuds and you will instantly feel that the build is actually decent for the price. The earbuds themselves look stylish. The neck is short in my opinion and I couldn’t get a good seal no matter which supplied ear tips are used. This is a design flaw and hope it is not a trouble with most users. On amazon, I saw many positive reviews and I guess, this seal problem is only for me.

Build Quality

The build is decent for the price. I cannot complain. The lid opens and closes smoothly. But there is a wobble on the lid that keep telling you the product is a budget one.

The earbuds are also good quality and the plastics are well-made. The ear tips are soft too. Just that it did not fit my ear.

Despite the good build, each earbud weighs just 3.5 grams. Therefore, it will be comfortable on the ears.


The pairing of pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS is easy. For first-time pairing, open the lid and take out the earbuds. The LEDs begin to glow. You will see ‘pTron TWS’ on the Bluetooth devices section of your mobile. Tap on the ‘pTron TWS’ and the earphone will be paired instantly.

To turn off the earphones simply put them in the case and the earbuds turn off automatically and begin to charge. To pair after the first time you just need to open the lid and take the earbuds out. The earbuds will be paired automatically to the phone it was paired before.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is actually nice in the earphone. Especially for the price and other offerings like boat airdopes 161 TWS, this is very good. Good to know that cheap earphones are getting better. 

It has a 10 mm driver and the dynamics are good. The soundstage is decent. At times I feel that the soundstage is narrow. Can’t complain for the price it is offered.

The imaging is good but the centre image felt like slightly off centre. I had to push the earbuds tight into the ear to correct it. Maybe mine was a lemon. The imaging is a bit forward still inside the head.

It can go loud and doesn’t distort. It is a balanced earphone and I recommend it over boat airdopes 161 TWS


The bass is a good and bad thing in this earphone. For normal songs it is nice. You don’t have to search for bass. But for the songs with deep bass, it sucks. The bass is not really there. It has very less bass in the 20 Hz region and even in the 30Hz region. The actual bass starts at 40 Hz. Since most of the instruments fall above 40 Hz it is not really a problem. Although the bass is not tight I have no complaints.

But mid-bass has a somewhat bloated sound. Some notice it and some don’t. The mid-bass is good. The bass guitar and kick drum can be heard well. 


The mids is where this earphone shines. The midrange in this is very good and detailes. The vocals have body. At times the mid has this horn sound, especially with the female and male vocals. But that is well-contained and not an issue. You can listen to podcasts and audiobooks with no issue. There is no bass intrusion in the mids.

The treble

The treble is good too. It is not the smoothest out there. But has the necessary details. Don’t expect a very detailed and silky sound on the highs. No, but for the price, there are no complaints.

Listening impressions

Catacombs from John wick by Tyler bates.

With no deep bass, it sounded a bit dry. The mids are there. The treble is okay okay. The soundstage is narrow and I wanted more. Cannot feel the weight of the music as the deep bass is low. Cannot suggest for this kind of music.

Stairway to heaven by Led zeppelin

The guitar, in the beginning, is heavily panned to the left. Since the soundstage is not so wide, it felt very intimate. The vocals sound very intimate too. This is such a soothing song and the earphone perfectly complemented it. Since there isn’t much bass in the song, the earphone came out flying colors.

Bohemian rhapsody by Queen

Again, the soundstage age is felt narrow. The chorus vocals, in the beginning, sounds nice through the earphone. In this song, the bass can be heard to the right amount. The piano notes sounded assuring. But some weight is missing. The snare other hand sounded satisfactory. The mids excelled in this song as well.

Call quality

The call quality is only decent. No TWS can give you excellent call quality because of the recessed mic. In this case, with HD Mics and stereo calls, the audio quality is good. However, without ENx or ENC, the call quality cannot stand higher than earphones from the next level.


pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS has decent features for the price. To begin with, it supports stereo calls. It uses dual HD mics to capture the audio. It also has an IPX4 rating. You can confidently take it to the gym and worry less about sweat destroying your earbuds. It is not going to happen. In addition to this, it also has nano coating to aid water resistance.

It has Bluetooth 5.2. Hence it can give a good range and is frugal on battery juice. In addition to that, the latency will also be low for video watching. As discussed above, it supports fast pairing. It can also be used as mono buds apart from regular stereo usage.

It has touch controls on the earcups. Hence, you can play, pause, skip to the next track, go to the previous track, attend, reject and end calls and can even summon your voice assistants right from your ear. It has its own advantages. Unfortunately, you cannot control the volume from it.

Battery life

The battery life is good. It can give you 24 hours of playback time and it was calculated under test conditions. While the period I used, it did give good battery life. But 24 hours is still bit low in my book. It also supports fast charging.


Earphone TypeANC TWS earbuds
Driver size10 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.2
Bluetooth Range10m
Playing Time24 hours
Water resistanceIPX 4
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Specifications of pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS

Pros and Cons

  • Good sound quality especially on the mid range
  • Good price
  • decent build
  • IPX4 rating
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Although the mid-bass is decent, there isn’t any deep bass
  • Battery life is just 24 hours
  • Bad fit on my ears
  • not good seal
  • No ENX or ENC


As you have seen in the review, pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS has good sound quality for the price. It has decent battery life too. The build is good for the price. Although ENC is missing, it still has necessary features at this price range. I recommend it over boAt Airdopes 161 TWS.

You can check the price and buy it by clicking the below button.

Check the price on amazon

Thanks for reading.

4/5 - (1 vote)
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boAt airdopes 190 review Fri, 07 Oct 2022 15:23:28 +0000
Picture of an opened boAt audio Airdopes 190
3-quarter view of boAt audio Airdopes 190

boAt Airdopes 190 is one of the new earbuds launched by the company. In this boAt Airdopes 190 review, we will dive into the physical and software features, build quality, sound quality, battery life, etc. so that you know what you’re buying. Let’s go to the review.

Let me put the whole review in simple words.

The boAt audio Airdopes 190 is a great gaming earphone in terms of feel, price, build, and most importantly sound quality. The battery life is not bad either. In this price range, it is a good buy for gamers. That is a short boAt Airdopes 190 review. Read on for more detailed information.

Appearance – boAt airdopes 190 review

Appearance is subjective. It is very well noted in this pair of earbuds. The case is a modern contemporary design and far from elegant. Don’t get me wrong. It looks fantastic but has more of a futuristic look than a classical one.

Picture of boAt Airdopes 190 TWS
boAt Airdopes 190 TWS

Take a look at the above picture. Doesn’t it look futuristic and modern? A perfect recipe to attract youngsters. The top is made of plastic and fiberglass. The white case contrasts well with dark fiberglass. The body is wide towards the rear and tapers towards the front.

Picture showing Side view of boAt Airdopes 190.
Side view of boAt Airdopes 190

The side view is beautiful too. The style reminds me of old Alienware laptops. It is kinda wedge-shaped. The rear is pointed as well. There are lines on either side and it looks not only cool but also aids the grip. The sides are free from ports.

Picture showing a hand holding Rear of boAt Airdopes 190.
The rear of boAt Airdopes 190

Yes, it is the rear that has the port. It is a USB-type C port. There is also a hinge on the back.

Picture of boAt airdrops 190 lid open
boAt airdrops 190 lid open

Open the lid and you will be greeted with a pair of earbuds. The cool thing is that the case has RGB lighting. It looks okay. But surely attract some gamers. The case as well as the earbuds have RGB lighting.

Picture of top view of boAt audio Airdopes 190.
The see-through glass of boAt audio Airdopes 190

When you close the lid, you can still see the RGB lights through the glass window. It looks very cool. Now, the lights look premium. It is too bright to my liking otherwise with the direct view.

Earbuds of boAt audio Airdopes 190 with the case on the side.
Earbuds of boAt audio Airdopes 190

The earbuds look cool and premium. The earbuds too have RGB lighting. It works when you’re charging or opening the case. The earpieces themselves are good. It comes with additional ear tips and they are not bad at all.

The earbuds are of good quality. But whenever you plug the earbuds into your ears, you will hear a plastic crushing sound. It is the diaphragm crushing because of the pressure that builds in while plugging into the ear canal. So, you need to put into the ear canals gently and never push it deep into the canal.

Fit is kinda hit and miss for me. It does get loose if the head is shaken. It didn’t fall off though but allowed all noise from outside to inside.

Front view of boAt audio Airdopes 190
Front of boAt audio Airdopes 190

The front looks interesting. It is wide and tall on the outside and it tappers and converges narrowly towards the bottom. The design on the sides continues to the front side as well giving a good look. You can see a small protrusion on the front to open the case.

RGB lights of boAt audio Airdopes 190
RGB lights of boAt audio Airdopes 190

The RGB lights are inviting and do consume battery life. Fortunately, it turns itself off after 15 seconds after the case is opened. A similar story once the lid is closed.

Overall, the appearance is exquisite on the outside and ‘sound’ on the inside

Build quality

Picture of an opened boAt audio Airdopes 190
3-quarter view of boAt audio Airdopes 190

The build is very good and you will get a premium feel. The Lid isn’t wobbly. It is solid. The lid closes with a reasonable thud sound. The weight is also not too much. The case along with the earbuds weighs just 44 grams. Each earbud weighs 3.5 grams. It is indeed a lightweight earbud.

Picture of opened case of boAt audio Airdopes 190.
Case of boAt audio Airdopes 190

The case opens at 90 degrees and it shows the capacity of boAt’s engineering design.

RGB lights

The RGB lights in this boAt audio Airdopes 190 are very cool that I have made a video out of it. Please watch

boAt Airdopes 190 RGB Lighting

Sound Quality

This is now THE very important part of the review. The sound quality. The sound quality is decent is what I can say.

The soundstage is decently wide. Gamers will appreciate this. This gives more space around the sound and easy to guess where the shooter is. The wide soundstage also means that the music sounds good too.

The instrument separation is decent and not the best. Especially on mid frequencies, the earphone’s sound and instrument separation are not as expected. But, it can totally be okay considering the price it is sold.

The imaging is inside the head and during some songs, it goes a bit forward. It is interesting because it is not a trait for cheap earphones. For gaming, it gives positional accuracy.

The sound is generally balanced across the earbuds but often I feel that the sound is biased toward the right. I am not sure if it is a problem with my earphones alone. But most of the time, it is alright.

The earbuds have a 10mm driver and that does give a good scale and authority to the sound.

Inserting in ears can crush the diaphragm causing a crushing sound. Putting it inside the air canal increases the pressure inside. And thus the crushing sound. Also, the sound quality is affected. The sound becomes dull. Let the air pressure go and the earphone sounds a bit richer. Still, the mids are a bit dull. The upper mid and lower treble is open.

The attack on bass seems to be a bit slow to my liking. Hence, songs with fast bass can have a problem with these earbuds. The dynamics are okay. Nothing great. but not bad too.


The bass is nice in this earphone. Due to the 10 mm driver, the sound is punchy with lots of basses. There is also a midbass punch. It can easily rumble at 20 Hz and had no problems with the low bass. The bass is on the romantic side and not very tight. For music like soft rock, and classical music, it is okay. But not for fast music like heavy metal. But for the price, it is totally fine. boAt Airdopes 190 has one of the nicest deep basses I have come across on a cheap Bluetooth earphone.


The mids are decent and also it is the Achilles heel of this earphone. The mids are not only recessed but also not pronounced and have okay-okay clarity. If you’re a person who listens to mid-centric music like Jazz, think again. The mids are nothing to write home about.


The Highs are good. My test software was limited to 15 Khz and I could hear it clearly. But there is no sparkle or air in the music. Maybe it is because the earphone is a bass-centric one. I have no complaints though considering the price tag of it.

Listening impressions

Women by John Lennon

The midrange is a bit dull. The bass is just on the necessary amount. The Upper mid and lower treble are good. The snare and the chain sound nice. Overall, I enjoyed the song. This song has a very dynamic snare shot. I miss the dynamics with these earphones.

Sad but true – Metallica

The earphones are bass-heavy. The song is a little shy on bass. Both augmented perfectly. So, the bass is overall enjoyable. The treble is nice but the air is nowhere to be seen. This time, the imaging was a little forward compared to the ‘women’ song mentioned before. 

The song started with a distorted electric guitar. It sounds decent. I want much more and more distortion and energy. Mids being a weak point here, things didn’t go my way. The mids can be improved a bit by EQ ing.

Aerosmith – crazy

The song is full of energy. But It is less emphasized. The bass is just right with this song. The soundstage is wider than in previous songs. The earphones definitely make the song smoother sounding but that’s not what I wanted from a rock song. Again, for the price, it is hard to complain. 

Since the earphone is bass heavy, I played a rap song

Afterparty – dynamite mc

It sounds nice. The punch is awesome and it perfectly goes with the beats. It is quite enjoyable. Now I don’t feel less aggression in the mids. The treble has very less sparkle. Wish it had more. The lyrics are intelligible. It is a smooth-sounding setup for rap songs.

If possible, pay a little more and get the boAt Airdopes 413 ANC. Here is the review of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC. But the boAt Airdopes 190 has more bass than the boAt Airdopes 413 ANC.

Call quality

The call quality is decent. It has ENx and 4 mics and they can give your calls good quality. ENx helps with noise reduction and the people on the other end will hear your clear voice. No complaints there.


Low latency mode

This low latency mode is one of the finest features of this boAt audio airbass 190 TWS. They call it beast mode. There is a huge difference between normal mode and beast mode. With games, the latency is reduced so much that the game is playable.

The actual latency with the beast mode is just 50 ms. This is more than enough for casual gamers. But more serious gamers might feel the lag. For them, wired earphone is the best option.


The range of these earbuds is surprisingly great. All thanks to Bluetooth V5.3, the battery life and range have been improved. It stays rock solid even in the house with a wall in between. I have no complaints about the range. In fact, I am impressed.


This Environmental noise cancellation does its job. It uses 4 mics in total. The noise is captured and digitally removed from your voice during your call. Hence the person on the other side will hear your voice more than that of the noise.

Other features

It has IWP so you will find it easy to pair. Just open the case and take the earbud out and you can see the device in the pairing mode. After pairing, every time you take the earbuds out from the case, they will pair with the phone instantly. Keep the earbuds inside the case, the earbuds unpair and power off. It is a great technology to have.

Battery life

Battery life is another feather in the cap for this boAt Airdopes 190 earphones. It is incredible. The earbuds with the case can give up to 40 hours of battery life. Each earbud can hold as much as 10 hours of battery and the case can give another 30 hours of a battery boost.

In addition to that, the earbuds support fast charging as well. It is called an ASAP charge in boAt’s language. A simple 10-minute of charge will give as much as 180 minutes of playback time. All these data are under test conditions. Real-time usage may vary. From what I used, the battery life is very solid.


Earphone TypeANC TWS earbuds
Driver size10 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.3
Bluetooth Range10m
Case battery capacity400 mAh
Earbuds battery capacity40 mAh each
Playing Time40 hours
Charging time50 to 90 minutes
Water resistanceIPX 4
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Specifications of boAt Airdopes 190
  • Good build quality
  • RGB lighting
  • Good bass
  • Low Latency
  • Great battery life
  • Bluetooth v5.3
  • Fast charging
  • Light Weight
  • Cheap RGB lights
  • Average Mids quality
  • No ANC
  • Weird Fit


We have seen a detailed boAt Airdopes 190 review. This is a nice earphone. For gamers, this is an excellent choice at this price level. It has low latency, RGB lighting, good bass, a great soundstage, and fantastic build quality. You cannot go wrong with this one for gaming at the given price.

You can check the price and buy the earphone by clicking the below button

Check the price on

Thanks for reading

4.5/5 - (2 votes)
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How to increase the battery life in a TWS earbud Sat, 01 Oct 2022 11:21:27 +0000 How to increase the battery life in a TWS earbud is a thing all TWS earbuds owners are likely to encounter in their life at least once. TWS earbuds are amazing. But for compact TWS like boat 413 ANC, the battery life is a problem. This is mainly because of the small battery. Let’s see how to increase the battery life in a TWS by adopting some simple techniques.

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boAt Airdopes 413 ANC case opened picture
The case opened boAt Airdopes 413 ANC

Reduce the volume – How to increase the battery life in a TWS earbud

Picture of How to increase the battery in a TWS earbud
Image of a loudspeaker logo
Image by Josy Dom Alexis from Pixabay

Reducing the volume is the first step in getting an excellent battery life. If you listen to loud volumes, crank down a little bit. The advantage of listening at low volume is not only it gives you better battery life. But also, saves your ears from hearing impairment.

You can choose an earphone with better passive noise isolation so that it blocks most of the noises away. More the noise, the more need to turn up the volume. I didn’t recommend ANC because it too consumes battery.

The battery life that the company mentions are probably recorded in low volumes. So, you will most likely align with the battery stats given by the manufacturers.

Keep things in the vicinity

This is a cheap and easy trick.

How do I increase my earbud’s battery life?

Keeping a long distance between your earbuds and phones affects the battery adversely. So, how to increase the battery life in a TWS earbud? Bring the devices closer if you aren’t already.

It is simple logic that the more the distance between the phone and the TWS earbuds, the more the battery is spent connecting between them and pushing with music.

You can go with much more efficient Bluetooth technology. But, keeping the devices closer will definitely help to increase the battery life in a TWS earbud.

Turn off the features like ANC if you don’t need them

Picture showing how the ANC work
How ANC work

Yes, just like features costing more money, turning them on will cost more battery life. An example is ANC. ANC cuts down the noise electronically. But it takes more juice from the battery for the mics and processors. Hence, turning it off will give you better battery life. It is not only with ANC but other features like ENC, Equalisers, bass boost, Dolby atoms emulation, spatial audio emulation, etc.

You can avoid noise by going to a low-noise area. This means you don’t really have to use ANC. Lower the outside noise better the audio fidelity with or without ANC.

Hence, Turning off the unnecessary features will increase the battery life in a TWS earbud.

Put the TWS earbuds in the case.

Image of Boult audio Z20 and its case
Boult audio Z20 and its case

Yes, when not in use put the TWS earbuds in the case. Will it improve the battery life of TWS earbuds?

Hell yes.

There are two things that you have to look at when I say, put the TWS in the case.

The first one is that in most of the TWS earbuds, whenever the TWS earbuds are put in the case it understands that you no longer use them and unpair itself from the phone and turns the earbuds off. This not only improves the battery life of the TWS earbuds but also increases the battery life of the phone.

The second thing is that the case begins to charge the TWS earbuds as soon as you put them in the case and this will give you an extra battery life from the TWS earbuds.

Hence putting the TWS earbuds in their case will improve their battery life.

Keep away from sunlight or heat

A picture showing fire
Keep away from heat
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Yes, keeping the TWS earbuds away from sunlight or heat will increase the battery life. As you may already know, heat is the biggest enemy of battery. It just decreases battery life and battery health. Hence, some people put their stuff inside the freezer for better battery life. That’s not needed.

Just Use your TWS earbuds normally and just make sure the earbuds or the case is not in direct contact with the sunlight or heat source. You will be good to go.

Use lossy format.

How do I extend my TWS battery life?

I hate to say this 

but one of the ways is to use lossy format and less bitrate content. It does work.

The Bluetooth itself is lossy and will not support 24bit songs and it is simply made for casual listening. Any serious work has to be used with wired earphones.

Also, the lossless format will put more strain on the processor and RAM and thus require more battery juice to work. You can use a lower bitrate to improve the battery life. 

However, the too low bitrate will affect the audio quality and thus your enjoyment.

There is a trick though. You can go with 256 Kbps as a standard. It will not much compromise battery life and gives a very good sonic performance.

Choose a spot without 2.4 GHz interference.

This might sound like a nerdy one but it works. If you are gonna listen to a long session of music and if you can, please go to the place where there are fewer electronic devices that work with Wifi or Bluetooth.

With electronic devices with wifi and/or Bluetooth access around, it causes something called interference. The wireless waves of your Bluetooth device will be affected by the wireless signals of other electronic devices with Bluetooth or wifi 2.4 GHz. This is because Bluetooth itself work in that range. 

This interference will make the signal loose data and thus the earphone has to re-emit again and even with this sometimes data will be lost forever. Not only sound quality is affected, but battery life too will also be affected.

Now that we know how to increase the battery life in a TWS, let’s see how to choose a pair of earbuds with good battery life.

Purchase decision

Yes, while purchasing itself you can choose a TWS earbud that returns good battery life. You just need to keep the things in your mind that are listed below.

Choose the earbuds with Bluetooth v5.2 or above.

Bluetooth hardware versions play a large role in battery life. Generally above Bluetooth V5.0 and above are known for good battery life. But, Bluetooth v.5.2 or above gives great battery life and good range due to improved hardware and improved algorithms.

The current standard as then the time of writing this article is Bluetooth V5.3 and it is extremely efficient in working and thus returning a great battery life.

As a rule of thumb, you can go with any earbuds that have Bluetooth v 5.2 or higher for great battery life.

Choose the earphones with a big battery

The picture of a boult audio airbass omega TWS
Boult Audio Omega TWS.

This is straight like the heading says. Get an earphone with a big battery and combined with Bluetooth v5.2 or above, you will get excellent battery life. 

There are two sets of batteries in TWS earphones. The battery life in the case and the batteries inside the earbuds.

The bigger battery life in the earbuds gives greater playback time and the bigger battery life in the case gives more charging cycles. Ideally, choose the one with bigger batteries on both.

Or, perhaps a neckband?

Image of a Ptron neck band
Neck band gives more battery life

If long battery life without putting the TWS in its case is your priority, then the neckband can serve you well way better than any TWS. The battery capacity in a neckband is bigger compared to the TWS earbuds and hence neckband can give you higher continuous battery life without any break.

Now that we know how to improve the battery life of the TWS earbuds and how to choose a better earbud, let’s see how to take care of a TWS for better battery life.

Heat – as told earlier

As you saw earlier, heat is the single biggest enemy of battery. It does not just affect the battery life but also the battery’s health. That is why electronics with batteries are designed to dissipate heat as efficiently as possible. 

Hence, keeping the TWS away from the heat source, and sunlight and even overcharging it (which will overheat the battery) will extend the battery’s life.

Charge the TWS before exhausting

Yes. Draining the battery to extract the last bit of juice from it will actually damage the battery. The battery should have a certain amount of charge all the time. If it goes below a threshold, then, the battery will be permanently damaged. It CAN NOT be recovered. Hence, please charge the battery as soon as you see a low battery alert. It is okay to drain the battery fully once in a while but don’t do it regularly.

Charge even when not in use

This is just a continuation of what was said previously. Don’t let the battery drain fully. 

Just because it isn’t used, some people don’t charge their gadgets until they use them again. It is wrong.

In fact, you should charge the TWS earbuds even when not in use. So that, it will not damage the battery and serves you for a longer period of time. 

Never overcharge it

Like undercharging, overcharging is harmful to the battery’s health. No, don’t keep charging the TWS even after it is fully charged. Some chargers are smart enough to cut off the charging once the TWS hit 100% but it is seriously not advisable to keep charging the TWS earbuds once it charges to 100% 

As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t even be charging 100% all the time. 80% is the max you should go so that your battery will lose for a longer period of time.


You not only saw how to increase the battery life of a TWS earphone but also saw how to choose an earphone with better battery life and how to extend the health of the battery. Comment us with what you’re practising already to increase the battery life of your beloved TWS earbuds.

Thanks for reading.

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pTron Bassbuds EON review Wed, 21 Sep 2022 12:04:52 +0000
Image of pTron Bassbuds EON with the lid open
pTron Bassbuds EON

We have compiled this pTron Bassbuds EON review rather quickly as we have listened to similar pair of TWS earphones in the past. pTron Bassbuds EON is positioned under Rs 1500 which has quite a few TWS earbuds including boAt Airdopes 161 TWS. Let’s see how it sounds to us.

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Build Quality

Before going to sound quality, let’s quickly go through its build quality. The build quality of the case is good. The lid is stable and opens with a flick. The lid closure sound gives assurance to its build quality.

Picture of the Case of pTron Bassbuds EON
Case of pTron Bassbuds EON

The unit is semi-oval in shape. I would have liked the overall look had the colour looked better. The silver colour is sour to my eyes and robs the aesthetics. It comes in Grey and black in colour. I should have gone with black instead.

The case looks extremely reflective and that doesn’t make this pTron Bassbuds EON a premium gadget to look at.

Picture of Case of pTron Bassbuds EON with the lid open.
Case of pTron Bassbuds EON with the lid open.

Open the case and you will be greeted by the earbuds. They fit snuggly inside the case. It charges inside the case. Each earbud has a blue indicator signifying its charge.

Earbuds of pTron Bassbuds EON  on a white sheet of paper.
Earbuds if pTron Bassbuds EON

The earbuds resemble apple earpods at certain angles. You will get a pair of black coloured earbuds even with the grey coloured case. They are lightweight. Each weighs only 3.65 grams.

There are some complaints after using it personally.

  • The earbuds have short necks. This makes them harder to fit in
  • I needed bigger earbuds to fit in well. Even then, it is a hit or a miss
  • It doesn’t go into the ear canal much because of the short neck
  • This makes the fit looser and therefore more noise creeps in.

I am unhappy about how the earbuds fit in my ear canal.

A hand holding pTron Bassbuds EON showing its under side
Underside of pTron Bassbuds EON

You will get a USB C port underside of the earbuds so that you can charge it. There is a status LED in the front to show the charging status.

Fingers holding pTron Bassbuds EON showing the side view.
SIde view of pTron Bassbuds EON

The Lid opens well. However, it doesn’t open to 90 degrees. It is a couple of degrees short. It is not a deal breaker but this shows how much effort the company has put into its design and R&D.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is decent. Not the best or not the worst. The noise level is quite high with the improper fit and that degrades the sound quality a bit.

Then there is this IVR announcement. It is extremely bad. The IVR is not balanced and the sound is tilted towards the right side. Also, the announcement is very loud with muddled bass. The sound quality of this IVR announcement is terrible. It sounds like muffled. The voice is female.

As said earlier, the sound quality is average to good. But what can be expected from Bluetooth earphones at this price point? The soundstage is decent and not wide. When the music goes complex, sometimes the instrument separation goes for a toss. 


It is overpowered for sure. The earphone uses a 13 mm driver and it pumps out bass a lot with the right track. The bass is strong in the upper region. At times it feels like the bass is muffled. I didn’t like the bass much. The tightness is not there. It can hit 20 Hz. But 30 Hz was easier. Hence, you can expect the bass to go deep. However, I found it veils the overall sounds a bit. Some Bass lovers will be happier.


The mids are good. Too much bass is a problem for the mids too. It intrudes into the mids. But the upper mids have a bite to it giving a good grip on the recording. The lower mids have some details missing. 


This earphone is a warm-sounding unit. It is in fact too much warm sounding. Most of the songs don’t have air. But the lower treble is decent. It is the upper and mid treble that has the issue. The mid treble is less in amount and there is no sparkle for the upper treble range.

Then I listened to some songs and the experience is tabulated below.

Paranoid by black sabbath

The music starts with a left heavily panned electric guitar. It clearly shows that the soundstage of this earphone is not wide.

The drum sounds nice but instrument separation on the bass side is not great. The male vocals take the centre stage but bit laid back. The bass overpowers everything.

The cymbals push through the mix and contrast nicely with the bass. I don’t feel the energy of this rock-metal band. 

Believer by Imagine dragons

The voice sounds beautiful. It is balanced. But I expect more air from the vocals. Again the bass is punchy and the instrument separation is average. There is a good deal of bass in the mix. The sound quality is average but the vocals sounded nice. The intelligibility is good. 

The soundstage is narrow. The imaging is okay. The voice takes the centre stage. Other instruments aren’t accurately imaged.

River by Bishop Brings

Again, the bass is overpowering. Kick drum submerges almost everything. The vocals are pushed back to the mix. The instrument separation is weak. 

The bass just sounds bloated. The treble is average too. Doesn’t extend well. Cannot feel the energy of her vocals. The bass is too much to really enjoy the song.

Call quality

The call quality is average. The other party couldn’t hear voices sharply. But no complaints as the voice is still legible. It depends on the carrier. It has ENC or environmental noise cancellation. During calls, It reasonably cancels noise for the other end of the line and it is definitely an advantage.

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Battery life

This pTron Bassbuds EON TWS uses a Lithium Polymer battery. A single charge would return as much as 30 hours of playtime under test conditions. This pTron Bassbuds EON also supports fast charging. Put the earbuds inside the case and it will start charging. It takes 1 hour to fully charge the case and earbuds.


This pTron Bassbuds Eon supports ENC as said earlier. This also supports stereo HD mics. Hence, ENC works effectively and brings the noise around you down in the call and therefore, the person on the other end of the phone line will hear our voice with good clarity. Overall sound quality is average. The earphone uses a 32 bit processor for processing duties.

pTron Bassbuds Eon uses the latest Bluetooth V5.3. Hence it supports one-step pairing. The pairing is easy. Just open the lid and it pairs with the phone. Bluetooth 5.3 ensures a super stable connection at less battery life.

pTron Bassbuds Eon has IPX4 ratings. Hence you can take it to the gym and worry less about sweat damaging the earbuds. It ain’t gonna happen.

The TWS earbuds have touch control on the outside capsule. You can control the playback like play or pause, skip tracks etc and also trigger the voice assistant easily.


Earphone TypeENC TWS earbuds
Driver size13 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.3
Bluetooth Range10m
Playing Time30 hours
Charging time1 hour
Water resistanceIPX 4
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Specs table
  • decent sound
  • for too much bass lovers
  • decent battery life
  • good build
  • Bluetooth V5.3
  • compact size
  • earbuds are light weight
  • 1-step pairing
  • quick charging
  • dual HD stereo mic
  • Not for audiophiles
  • muffled bass
  • Fit is hit or a miss
  • short-necked earbuds
  • noise creeps in
  • Pathetic IVR
  • The Grey colour doesn’t look nice.


Under Rs 1500 which this pTron bassbuds Eon belong to, it is a nice deal for casual lovers. I somehow think boAt Airdopes 161 TWS can also be considered instead of this. Please weigh the pros and cons before making the purchase. The sound quality is decent too with strong bass.

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