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Boult Audio Airbass Z20 TWS review

Boult Audio Airbass Z20 TWS is one of the nice pairs of Bluetooth TWS earphones in the market for its price. It has good sound quality and great features to justify its price tag. Boult makes several earphones and this Boult Audio Airbass Z20 TWS is up to their standards. Let us see this earphone in detail.

Opened top view of boult audio airbass Z20
Boult Audio Airbass Z20

To Put it short, the Boult audio Airbass Z20 is a great earphone in terms of price, feel, build, features and more importantly sound quality. It also has great battery life. All in all, it is a great buy for the price range. That is a short review. Read on for more detailed information and images.

Boult audio Airbass Z20 TWS

4.3 out of 5
Boult audio audio Z20 review

This is one of the finest earbuds in this price range. It has decent sound quality and builds. It comes in green and black in color. It looks good too. Battery life is nice upto 40 hours with the case. Overall, It is a nice TWS earphone in this price range. Please read on for more detailed review and images.

Build Quality
3.5 out of 5
Sound Quality
3.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
Battery life
5 out of 5
5 out of 5


Good sound quality

decent bass

good battery life

Fast charge

Build quality


HD calls


Wish it has more bass

Wish it has more bass extension

Okay color combination

This earphone is currently available under Rs 1500 and it is one of the best TWS earphones under Rs 1500.

If you’re also looking for one of the best TWS earphones under Rs 2500, please check Boult audio Airbass Omega TWS.

Boult Audio Airbass Z20 TWS
Boult Audio Airbass Z20 TWS

Appearance and build

The build quality is good. The earphone case is made of solid plastics. The design is unique too. It appears that a textured layer is sandwiched between two smooth plastic pieces.

Boult Audio Airbass Z20 TWS
backside of boult audio airbass Z20

It is easily noticeable that the textured black layer is sandwiched between the two smooth layers. The picture above is the backside view. There is also a USB type C available on the backside for charging.

Top view of boult audio airbass Z20
Top view of boult audio airbass Z20

The top view shows how the earpods are arranged into the case. It is quite neat and tidy. The earbuds are held magnetically. The magnet is quite strong too. The earphone will be charging once it is put inside the case

Front view with lids open.
Front view with lids open.

The only area where the build is not up to the mark is the lids. It is lightweight and doesn’t inspire confidence. The inside part of the earbuds that has cut out for the earphones is solid and has no issues.

Side view of opened boult audio airbass Z20
Side view of opened boult audio airbass Z20

The lid opens almost 90 degrees. It is easy to take the earbuds out. The lid is also held magnetically. It does wobble but not much. It can be best ignored. The build quality of the lid is not as good as the one in boAt airdrops 161.

The earphone case is stable even with the lids open. In green colour, it looks great. The hinge is very good and the lid has a good sound on closing. Not as assured sounding as boat Airdopes 161 though.

backside of boult audio airbass Z20 with lids open
Backside with lids open

There is a status LED on the front face of the case.

Picture of boult audio airbass Z20 focused on front LED status light.
Picture focused on front status LED

There is a small cutout on the front so that you can easily grip and open the case.

Overall the external build quality is very good except for the lightweight lid. It can certainly take abuses although it should be handled carefully.

Earbuds of boult audio airbass Z20
Earbuds of boult audio airbass Z20

Take the earbuds out, you will see the build quality continues here. The earpieces are well made. The earpieces are bi-coloured and it looks nice.

one of the earbuds of boult audio airbass Z20
one of the earbuds of boult audio airbass Z20

On the stem of the earbuds, ‘Boult’ is engraved. There are holes for mics and holes for the pins for recharging purposes. The dual-tone earpiece looks great.

one of the earbuds of boult audio airbass Z20
One of the earbuds of boult audio airbass Z20

The fit and finish are nice. The stock ear tips were too big for me and therefore, I swapped with the smaller one given in the package and I am all set. A perfect seal is important for noise reduction and also for better bass. The ear tips are soft and comfortable. Each earbud has a led indicator that lights on while charging.

Opened top view of boult audio airbass Z20
Opened view of boult audio airbass Z20

The earphone case is small-sized. With its lightweight nature and small design, it is easy to carry in the pocket. There are no sharp edges that make your life difficult.

Both the case and earpieces have good build quality, especially for the price. You cannot go wrong with it.

Adding to it, the boult audio airbass Z20 has an IPX5 rating. Hence it is sweat, dust and spill proof. You can work out with no issues wearing these earphones and sweat is nothing in front of it.


pairing process with lid open and one earpiece removed
pairing process

The pairing is easy and trouble-free. To pair, open the lid and wait for ‘Boult Audio Airbass’ appears on your phone or computer. Once it is shown, click that and if prompt, click pair. You’re all done. Next time when you take out the earphones, they will automatically pair with the device it was last used with. During pairing, you get an audio alert saying that your earbuds are paired successfully. The pairing is also rock solid.

Sound quality

The sound quality is nice, especially for the price. The soundstage is normal. It is not very wide nor it is short. It is just the perfect balance. The imaging is nice too. The phantom centre is nice and in the centre. The imaging happens inside the head and on the extreme left and right, it goes a little wide outside the head.

The issue with my left earbuds is that when inserting them into the ear canal, I hear some diaphragm crushing sound and pressure build up inside the canal. Eventually, the built-up pressure goes away. But, I couldn’t get it to sound right. I had to take it out and carefully insert it into the canal to get a balanced sound. Might be a one-off case. It says a lot about their quality control.

The dynamics are okay. No complaints about the price as it is hard to make a driver at this place very dynamic. The instrument separation is nice. But not wow as expected for the price.

The earphones can give you decent details. The details are necessarily crisp but it is okay for the price range. The definition is missing. I was listening to Spotify premium and I have a few complaints.

The noise reduction is okay and not the best in the segment. Get a good seal with the right ear tips and the earphone manages to keep noises away reasonably well.

You can enjoy songs a lot with these earphones.


The bass is strange. It has decent mid-bass. It doesn’t go much deep. You can expect it to be decent sounding from 40 Hz or so. There is not much of 30 Hz or lower. But for most songs, this is enough. But, you will have the low-energy oomph missing.

The mid-bass is there in ample amount but it is not very punchy. The impact is just not there. You need to crank up the volume a bit to access good bass. For casual listening it is okay. It is strictly not for bass heads.


There is some mid-bass presence in the midrange. That only adds a bit of body to the vocals. The mid sounds good. The male vocals sound nice. There is some horn effect and some low mid ringing in the mids but that is very little in amount. It can be overseen for the price. The female voice sound’s beautiful with rich details and extension.

The mid’s don’t go harsh. You can actually enjoy podcasts with it. With songs, the mids become the star of the show. The mids sound quality is also decent in these earphones, and I don’t have a complaint.


The treble is balanced. But for sensitive ears, it sounds a bit elevated. It is not harsh and induces fatigue just like that. You can listen to the earphones for a more extended period of time. The treble adds air to the music. The mids and Highs work in tandem to give you a rich vocal and excellent listening experience. The bite that the treble in this earphone gives is nice and enjoyable. The treble is extended and has a good definition to it.

I listened to ‘Can’t help Falling in love’ by Haley Reinhart. Her voice sounds fantastic in these earphones. There is a piano sound in the mix. It sound’s nice but the ‘attack’ punch is missing. Haley’s voice has good extension and air. The way the sound envelopes you is nice.

Next, I listen to ‘Someone you loved’ by Lewis Capaldi. The opening of this song has a piano piece and it came out nice. It has a better attack with this track than the previous one. But not the best. The voice of Lewis is bold and sweet. These earphones easily could bring out the essence of his voice very well. I still feel that the definition is missing a bit.

Then comes Sam smith’s, ‘too good at goodbyes’. Acoustic version. I love this song for its beautiful background and its voice. Sam smith’s voice came out well. The background guitar doesn’t meddle into the mids and has good separation. The ringing is not bothersome in this song. I wish the dynamics is a bit more good. But I have no complaints.

So, overall, the sound is nice. Although deep bass is low and has okay dynamic range, the earphone is still good and for the price, it is one of the best TWS under RS 1500.

Call quality

The call quality is very good. The person on the other end could hear me clearly. It uses dual microphones to pick your voice. The voice it captures is very clean and of High definition. It also has something called ENC. It stands for Electronic Noise Control. Boult call this as It is very useful for calls.

The Boult audio Airbass z20 captures your voice and also the environmental noises. It then processes the signals with the inbuilt chip, cleans the noise on our voice and send it to the person on the other end. This way, the caller on the other end gets a crystal clear sound. It is definitely a nice feature to have. The earphones being voice-centric stuff, you can have excellent call quality.

Battery life

The battery life is very good compared to the competition. On a full charge, the boult audio airbass Z20 earbuds with the case can give up to 40 hours of music playback at test levels. It is great. It is great, especially for the size

The earphone has USB type C as mentioned already and thus it is capable of supporting fast charging. A 10-minute charging on the wall plug would give you as much as 100 minutes of playback time.

Each earbud has a great capability of playing 8 hours of music in one go. The case can give as many as 4 full charges to the earphones when put inside the case. This is excellent battery life compared to the competition. Overall, the battery life is great and works great.


The Boult audio Airbass Z20 earphone has decent features for the price being paid. It has ENC and IPX5 rating as discussed above. It is a great feature.

The earphones have touch controls. The control is housed on the back side of the plastic housing. tapping on various sequence activates various functions.

  • Tap once on either left or right earbuds to pause the playback
  • Tap once on either left or right earbuds to resume the playback
  • Double tap on the left earbud for the previous track or go to the beginning of the track.
  • Double tap on your right earbuds for the next track.
  • Long press on the left or right earbuds will trigger the voice assistant
  • Long press on both of the earbuds also will trigger the voice assistant
  • Single tap on the left or right earbuds to start the call
  • Double tap on the left or right earbuds to end the call
  • Double tap on the left or right earbuds to reject the call

The Boult audio airbass Z20 is compatible with both Siri and ok google voice assistants.

The earphone has Bluetooth 5.1. This makes the device efficient and also has long-range stability. The typical distance the wireless earbuds work is 10 metres away from the source.

Pros and cons

  • Good sound quality
  • decent bass
  • good battery life
  • Fast charge
  • Build quality
  • ENC
  • HD calls
  • Wish it has more bass
  • Wish it has more bass extension


  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20000 Hz (as per the info)
  • Battery life: 40 hours
  • Battery life of the earpieces: 8 hours
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • IPX5 rating
  • Range: 10 metres
  • ENC: available
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Boult Audio airbass Z20 is one of the best TWS earphones out there under the price range of Rs 1500. It has necessary features for modern-day usage. The battery life is satisfactory. The call quality is clear and above all, the sound quality is very good. The build quality is also very good and all these make the Boult audio airbass Z20 a fantastic earphone and a sure purchase. You cannot go wrong with it.

If you are interested, you can check the price on amazon from the below button and you can buy it from there itself.

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Thanks for reading.

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